Creator MKT enables brands to exceed consumer expectations with the tools and content they need to transcend the consumer journey.

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About Creator MKT

CMKT is focused on the largest influencer opportunity

  • We offer 3 core products to work together to identify and deliver the influencer UGC that will generate the most conversions when distributed programmatically as native advertising.

We are uniquely focused on delivering: 

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) -- the next phase of influencer marketing, which we refer to as



Influencer marketing budget breakdown

influencer marketing budget
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The shift from influencer

marketing to influencer relations


We are unlocking new value for brands

  • The “Return on Relationship": accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship over time.

  • Taking the best practices of influencer marketing and moving to the more meaningful genre of Influencer Relations — this new method transcends to relationship-driven marketing, not just a simple “rebrand” of existing practices.


Influencer Relationship Management  (IRM)

  • The focus on gathering insights from consumer behaviors to drive a new level of value and authenticity for brands.    

  • This enables us to create year-round content and influencer relationships that are focused on answering consumer questions 24/7. 

  • Unlike other agencies we deliver an entirely new level of semantic SEO and personalized content. 

  • IRM is essential today to create authentic consumer relationships versus simply being another broadcast marketing vehicle.

Next Generation Brand Stories

  • IRM opens the door for a new type of year-round storytelling, which enables influencers to use their UGC to tell the next generation of brand stories.     

  • We combine this with AI to drive impact and adapt to the evolving influencer space by providing the highest levels of transparency and authenticity. 

  • Influencer relations requires a more human approach, before you can market to someone you have to first understand what he or she values.

  • This new brand to consumer value exchange is also the driving force behind the digital transformation that every brand is undertaking.

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Creator Discovery and Management

We use our software to:

  • Analyze consumer mindset, social media, and purchasing behavior and brand engagement.

  • Review current influencer productivity, brand advocacy, and engagement.

  • Confirm key market category positioning and digital footprint against top competitors.

  • Discover the strongest and most influential content creators and their UGC that will convert into long term IRM partnerships.

We deliver a real-time feed of highly relevant and engaging native social content and advertising directly to a brands' most valuable consumers from the influencers they trust the most. Through our personalized content platform we bring together editorial planning, and content production WITH influencer sourcing, and analysis.

Creator MKT uses images and videos to articulate a brand’s personality and amplify their voice. We bring to life a brand's visual identity and use it to create a connection that drives clicks and adds value to their target audience’s life. This enables us to engage with consumers in new and meaningful ways.