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Procter & Gamble's Secret


  • Design and execute a one-year influencer program with campaigns across three different Secret Deodorant product lines focusing on influencers across different verticals and interests.

  • Campaign Breakdown:

  • 3 Product Lines

  • 54 influencers

  • CMKT Role:

  • Influencer discovery and refinement against specific brand targets as well as outreach, negotiations, content direction, management, payment, and measurement. 


  • 54 Influencers (macro, mid tier and micro) with a cumulative following across platforms of 20.6M.

  • 307 total posts across Instagram, IG stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and personal blogs

  • These 307 posts had a true reach of 1.9M and 2.4M impressions.

  • Along with each influencer featuring the swipe to purchase option, retailer locations were identified for each influencer's audience based on city. The retail links provided were trackable and brought you right to the retail store for purchase. These links included Walgreens, Target & CVS Pharmacy.

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Shark Ninja


  • As a leading kitchen and home appliance company with predominately infomercial driven advertising,

  • SharkNinja’s goal was to take big steps into influencer marketing. Before the holiday season, a full-scale influencer campaign was launched across 7 different product lines.

  • Campaign Breakdown:

    • 40 paid influencers

    • 210 unpaid influencers

  • CMKT Role:

  • Outreach, negotiations and contracting for all 40 paid influencers


  • 40 paid Influencers (macro, mid tier and micro) for 7 different product lines

  • 310 total paid posts across Instagram, IG stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and personal blogs

  • 73 call to action (ie swipe to purchase or link to purchase)

  • 22 long form content (blog post, video or Instagram videos) 

  • 205 total unpaid posts created by 200 unpaid influencers.

  • This final campaign produced 8.2M impressions with over 1.2M video views across all social platforms.

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  • Develop positioning and differentiate a Ford dealer in the most crowded market in the country – Detroit.

  • Focus the dealership on Ford’s most valuable assets their employees and build the dealerships brand and awareness with this audience and the AXZ Plans that they use to buy Ford cars and trucks.

  • Prove that a Ford dealership can successfully develop and manage a mobile-first social path-to-purchase.


Campaign Breakdown:

  • Identify and secure a library of 100+ pieces of licensed influencer and loyal consumer user-generated Ford branded content for native in-stream social content and advertising.

  • Determine the brand’s SEO, SEM and content need and create a plan to address them.

CMKT Role:

  • SEO infrastructure and daily content distribution

  • Major site modifications for mobile, social, and SEO

  • Develop a library of influencer created UGC and distribute via social content and ads.

  • Custom content creation.

  • Ambassador program identification & management


  • Created an XYZ Plan area on the Bill Brown Ford website, within weeks it became the #1 linked page on the site and Bill Brown is now the largest XYZ Plan dealer in the US.

  • Ran non-stop highly targeted F150 ads on Facebook, reached over 1 MM consumers in the Detroit DMA and Bill Brown now largest truck dealership in the world.

  • Earned top spot #1 Ford dealership in Michigan and lost #1 Ford dealer in the world by only 57 cars.

  • The new SEO infrastructure created by CMKT grew Bill Brown's website traffic by 48% in 6 months. 

  • Facebook ad impressions had an average cost per action of $1.58 and we drove so much social traffic to their site that it almost beat the organic search traffic. 

  • We conducted A/B testing and our most engaged social ad with only a $366 spend had an average cost per action of only $0.09. This image received 36,741 impressions. 

  • Targeted digital/mobile ads drove a 43.5% increase n the brand's conversion rate. 

  • We drove more traffic to the Bill Brown website than any month in their history.

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Jibo Home Personal Robot


  • With the release of the new Jibo robot, the brand was looking to create an influencer ambassador program to help advocate and share the message of new product

  • Campaign Breakdown:

  • 10 long-term ambassadors – focusing on early adopters across multiple verticals and interests

CMKT Role:

  • Outreach, negotiations, contracting and campaign reporting

Jibo Results

  • 10 six-month-long ambassadors

  • 114 total posts across Instagram, IG stories, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and personal blogs

  • With 12.9K engagements and 249.5K total video views

  • Jibo was the cover of Time Magazine for the 25 best inventions, the release of this product was in part spread by the 726K impressions custom curated by the brand's social representatives